Interim Re-designation Notice for Ernest Manning High School for School Years

2020-21 & 2021-22

Update Feb 23, 2021

Shaping the Future of High School

Feb 23, 2021 Update | ​Scenarios Now Available; Share Your Feedback March​​ 1-17​

The CBE is launching its next phase of high school engagement.

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Ernest Manning High School is at capacity, with current enrolment at just under 2000 students. The school has organized the current learning environment to ensure student success. We anticipate that over the next two years, school enrolment will increase by an additional 150 students each year. At that size, it would be challenging for the school to provide optimal learning opportunities for students.

Though the CBE is currently in the process of engaging with stakeholders to balance high school enrolment across the entire system, this issue requires a short-term solution be implemented before the decision is made through the current high school engagement process (October 2021, implemented in September 2022).

After reviewing the demographics and projected enrolment for the communities currently designated to Ernest Manning High School, a decision has been made to re-designate the following communities to Central Memorial High School for the 2020-2021 and 2021-2022 school years:

  • Coach Hill
  • Cougar Ridge
  • Discovery Ridge
  • Glenbrook
  • Glendale
  • Killarney/Glengarry
  • Patterson
  • Richmond
  • Rosscarrock
  • Shaganappi
  • Spruce Cliff
  • Westgate
  • Wildwood

This means that students living in these communities who would be in Grade 10 for the 2020-21 school year, as well as students in Grade 11 or 12 moving into these communities, will attend Central Memorial High School. Students who live in these communities who are currently attending Ernest Manning High School will be able to remain at Ernest Manning High School.


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