CHPH Adopt a Rink

CHPH is pleased to work with the City on providing a skating rink during the winter months (December to March) located in the playing fields along Coach Hill Road. 

Come enjoy the outdoor rink in our community, from dawn until dusk daily (until the warm weather is here to stay!). Our pleasure skating rink is for the use of all residents, free of charge.

A few things to note:

  • Please enter and exit rink where the berm is lowest, by the red bench, and take care to avoid skating near the edges where the ice can be bumpier.
  • The area around the perimeter of the rink is icy and slippery. Please take care when walking around the rink.
  • Helmets are recommended for all ages for safety.
  • There are no garbage cans at the site, so please take your rubbish and empties with you when you go.
  • The shovels on site are to help you clear the ice of snow and shavings as needed. Please leave them next to the bench after use.
  • Most of all, HAVE FUN!

The outdoor rink was made possible by a team of volunteers and the City of Calgary Adopt a Rink program.

Support the rink and other community initiatives by buying or renewing a CHPH membership!

If you would like to volunteer with the ice rink, please email

If you would like to see a permanent rink and gathering space, we need your help! Join our board and fill a position with sponsorship, casino or fundraising. We also need a recreation director so that we run programming that will help us qualify for a casino.

COVID-19 Update:

Please note that the Government of Alberta has recently imposed additional public health measures to protect the health system and limit the spread of COVID-19. For information on these measures, visit the enhanced public health measures web page here: 

Note that Outdoor Social Gatherings are not permitted until at least January 8, 2021 as per Alberta Public Health Restrictions.

How does this affect the ODR?

• Outdoor social gatherings are now restricted to only those in the same household. People who live alone may still have up to two non-household close contacts.

• Outdoor rinks may be open for public skating and individual training.

Our rink has a capacity of 44 skaters. You may skate at the same time as others, but you must maintain a 2 metres distance from other skaters who are not from your household.

• Outdoor group physical activity is restricted. Many people are asking about hockey. The direction we have received states:

Hockey is a sport that does not permit physical distancing. CMOH Order 26 compels all Albertans to maintain physical distancing of 2 metres. The only exception to this would be if players were all members of the same household.

This means no organized hockey games or shinny. Individuals who wish to shoot a puck at the net can do so as long as you can maintain 2-meter distance from others using the ice.

We want to keep the rink open for the community as long as we can, and we ask everyone to please respect these measures.

If you feel that someone is not respecting these restrictions, contact the Community Association (contact info below) and not the police. The police have more pressing concerns.

The Community Association Rink Committee is dedicated to providing this service to the community. However, if you call the police or the city without giving us the opportunity to step in and talk to people, we run the risk of the rink being shut down for everyone. No one wants to face this winter without the rink for recreation.


Phone: Samm Domagala 403-808-7776

Effective November 27, community centres are closed for in-person services. If recreating outdoors, we encourage Albertans to dress warmly and be prepared for a possibility that there may be no supporting services available.

A Note about the former Community Hockey Rink 

We get many emails and questions about the rink behind the old community centre building on Patterson Boulevard.

In 2004 following declining membership, building use and lack of volunteers, the Community Association made the difficult decision to release the lease on the property back to the City of Calgary. It is currently leased by the Alberta Badminton Association who have not maintained the ice rink during this time as their intention, as we understand it, was to re-purpose the site for other use.

This rink is not available for use by the community as a skating/hockey rink, nor is it open for public use during the summer. 

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