September 28, 2020

The last 2 months have seen significant work done by drilling teams on behalf of TELUS for the installation of Fibre Optic cable to the area. While this helps provide better service and more choice to consumers, it has not been without inconvenience. We asked our Ward 6 office for answers to some of the questions we've received.

1. When was the public notified of the construction?

- TELUS mailed out notices to all residences in the area starting June 9, 2020

- signs were placed around the communities being serviced, with these websites for more information: www.telus/com/calgary and

2. Doesn't TELUS need my permission to access my private property and Utility Right of Way (URW)

- TELUS is not required to get signed permission to access the URW as it is owned by the City.

- However, they do require signed permission if the homeowner chooses to have the fibre cable installed to their home.

- URW’s that are in the back alley are already significantly congested meaning it is not optimal to add the Pure Fibre network there. In addition if the back alley was to be accessed the construction would have to be done through open trench excavation and the entire alleyway would be closed for the entirety of the project.

- In the front, the section of the front yard (usually a few metres) between the property line and sidewalk is public property. Based on the above point, the City has permitted TELUS to access this public property to install the Pure Fibre.

3. When are the plugging the holes and fixing my grass?

- Remediation will be done once an entire service area (usually 250-500 houses) has been completed – this can be anywhere from 4-16 weeks after your home is completed. Residences completed first, unfortunately, wait the longest for remediation.

- For residences that are completed in the fall the remediation will be done in the spring when the snow melts.

TELUS has also created these 2 short videos:

Information about TELUS Pure Fibre:

What to expect during construction:

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