Permanent Outdoor Rink-Community Hub

In the winters of 2018/19 and 2019/20,  the CHPH Community Association supported an Adopt a Rink and hosted community skating parties on Boxing Day. The rink is used throughout the winter and the skating parties were quite well attended, showing us that this was a fun way for neighbours to gather together.

Given the success of the temporary rink we are moving forward with making it a more permanent fixture in our community. 

We propose to build a small, hard surface sports court that can be used year-round, with a small shed for storage, and a warming hut/change room. We envision a space used for sports such as basketball or inline skating in the summer, fall, and spring, that can also be flooded in the winter to provide a skating rink.

Furthermore, we see an opportunity to really make this a community hub with the addition of benches, picnic tables, and a fire pit, plus the potential for community gardens.

Scroll to the end to fill out a survey and give us your opinions and feedback on the proposed hub!

Volunteers Needed!

The current board does not have all the expertise needed to make this a reality, so we are asking for help. If you are as excited as we are, please let us know! Building this vision is not easy, so we need the following:

Funding Coordinator - This person should have experience applying for Grants, knowledge of AGLC regulations, fundraising, and asking for in-kind donations.

Financial Manager - Working with the funding coordinator, this person would be our budget master! They would be responsible for everything in relation to project budget, invoices, bills

Future Roles:

Community Relations - We will need site line surveys and community engagement.

Construction PM - to manage the site once construction begins

Operations Team Lead - to maintain the site and manage the ice volunteers

Below are a few photos showing some of our inspiration.

An example of a Sport Court 50' x 80' in the town of Marie-Reine, AB. This is the approximate size we are aiming for, and this one also includes lighting and basketball nets.

Photo from:

An overhead view of what our sport hub could potentially look like.

Photo from:

This is a rink/court at a private residence, featuring short boards.

Photo from:

This is the Shaganappi Community rink. They have a fire pit with benches which really adds to the ambiance. The Wildwood Community Association is another example of a great hub. They also have firepits and benches next to their ODR.

Photo from

This is the community garden at the Wildwood Community Association. We have had some inquires about community gardens at CHPH and we feel it would be a wonderful addition to the community hub.

Photos from

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