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The CHPH Community Association is your connection to what is going on in your community. Whether it is a new development, sports or recreation program, community safety initative, or information about new projects and initiatives that impact your community, our goal is to help make that link for you. The Board members and volunteers are eager to chat and make the community a better place. 

As a resident of the area, your input and involvement are welcome. We encourage you to bookmark our site and to become a member today. One of the best ways to meet your neighbors is to become involved in your local community association. We are always looking for people who care about their community, and who have time to help make it a better place in which to live, recreate and raise our families.

In 2008, the Federation of Calgary Communities asked Presidents of local community associations to comment on three questions. Their feedback is below:

Belonging: Why did you get involved in your own community?

  • Engage Kids in Sports/Recreation 
  • Planning Issues that affected my community and surrounding area
  • To assist in providing a voice in Community Life
  • To build a sense of belonging by getting to know my neighbours
  • Developing meaningful associations with people, organization and process
  • Improve safety in my community
  • Invest in my community by building a better community
  • Concerned about transportation issues
  • Concerned about environmental issues
  • Sense of duty to my community
  • Excited by the potential of what a CA can do for a community
  • Ability to influence quality of life
Benefits: What benefits does your CA offer its members?
  • Having a voice in improving neighbourhood life
  • Sense of belonging
  • Collaborating with a diverse community
  • Input with the city
  • Community planning and development input
  • Traffic calming input
  • A place to meet neighbours and Work Together
  • Friendship and Socialization
  • A place to share ideas
  • Being part of change
  • Programs for everyone
  • Information sharing through various communications tools (web, newsletter, email, meetings, etc.)
  • Enhanced quality of life
  • Increased community based amenities
  • Support to those in need
  • Benefits to membership – discounts at local business and at the CA
  • Increased public safety through neighbour input and the support of community policing with the Calgary Police Service
  • Ability to influence decision that impacts me and my family
  • Ability to address environmental issues
  • Source of interesting community history
  • Gain skills, knowledge and expertise in a variety of areas
  • Improves city hall accountability
  • Increased awareness of place in a larger community
  • Ability to demonstrate your personal commitment to building a safe, caring and vibrant community
Building: What role can Community Association’s play in building a sense of community
  • Give residents a voice – listen to ideas and find creative ways to support those ideas
  • Create a feeling of shared values and common interests – stand up for community values
  • Act as a resource and the first stop for quality information
  • Offer programs and services based on resident needs and interests
  • Create a sense of community celebration, pride and identity
  • Find ways to recognize residents and volunteers who make a difference
  • Find ways to create an inclusive environment
  • Make communication job one!
  • Look to community resources, the City and others for collaborations and partnerships
  • Host events that are inclusive
  • Find ways to engage people in community planning – promoting a voice in municipal decisions
  • Instill a renewed sense of community
  • Partnerships with local businesses
  • Promote the notion of safe communities through citizen engagement
  • Tell your CA story – celebrate your achievement
  • As a board member or CA staff person, reach out and get to know your own neighbours – it is a starting point
  • By declaring and articulating a urgency to issues that affect community life
  • Building and supporting amenities and facilities that create places for citizen interaction – could be a simple as a community garden
Get involved with CHPH today. 
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