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Even though the Coach Hill Patterson Heights community is relatively well established, there are still a number of developments occurring both within and around our community. We try to provide the most up to date information about these developments so our residents are up to date on what is happening. We also encourage you to provide your input on these developments to ensure our Alderman and The City of Calgary is aware of our concerns and/or support for the projects.


For any more information about  these topics please contact  either the Director of E and D at  e-d@chph.ca or the President  at pres@chph.ca.  E mails are sent out to members informing them of up coming open houses held by developers. We only contact our members through e mails.  To make sure you are kept up to date with current developments please add your active  e mail address to your file.


Update,April 24, 2014:


Thank you to all of the who e mail  us with  questions, it lets us know that we have an active   community.  We are all volunteers on the board and we appreciate any help our members can give us.  A little expansion and development “news”:  

  • 908 Prominence  Hill SW.  LOC2013-0023 The road closure and  Land designation change proposals went before  the Planning Commission on 13 January 2014 and was  unanimously  passed  giving a DC land designation. This went  before City Council  on Monday 10 March 2014  for approval and both  proposals were unanimously  passed. Also an amendment was made to the  Patterson Heights Concept plan tying the land parcel to Seniors Assisted living  building.
  • Trico Homes  Development  11 Ave and Coach Ridge Road. No more news at present. We have contacted the developer several times and no received any call back and the City of Calgary has not  received any  applications.
  • QuinnCorp Development. The Point  Development and approvals. DP2014-0110.   There is  a request  to CHPH from the City for any comments for a development permit  to Excavate and Strip and Grade   Phase 4 of this development. Comments were sent in by CHPH and  we did receive a response back  from QuinnCorp. This  application  is being  re submitted with changes because  an overland stream's course  would been affected.

Contact us to find out how you can make a differencee-d@chph.ca or pres@chph.ca . 


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