Community Safety

Are You Tired of Vandalism, Graffiti and Petty Crime in Our Community?

Did you know there are some very practical things you can do to make Coach Hill Patterson Heights a safer place to live?


Last fall, a few members of the community met with Steve Woolrich, Principal of SeCure Consulting Solutions Inc. ( to talk about how we could make our community a safer place. Steve has been providing crime prevention and security solutions to municipalities, planning agencies, developers and businesses since 1999. He specializes in Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED), which means making changes in the design of buildings, landscaping, streetscapes, and other elements of urban design to reduce crime and create positive places for people. These strategies are effective (and cost-effective) elements of comprehensive crime prevention. CPTED fosters a healthy awareness of business and community environments.

We Need You!

Over the next few months, we would like to develop this project further. In order to do this, we will need 8-10 community members to attend a special 3-hour workshop where Steve will lead the group through the following agenda:

  1. Introduction to CPTED-  Principles of CPTED will be discussed using specific examples from various business and residential environments. Participants will gain an understanding of how applying CPTED can help reduce fear and incidence of crime, while improving quality of life.
  2. Site Assessment - Attendees will participate in an outdoor field exercise using key principles of CPTED. They will be divided into small groups to conduct their work and share their findings after.
  3. Final Discussion & Future Action Plan Time for final questions/answers, and discussion around strategies that will enable them to use their new skills throughout their neighbourhood.

If you are interested in attending this inspiring and empowering workshop to help promote a safer neighbourhood for all residents of our community, please email your contact information to us by clicking here.


Once we have enough interest, we will confirm a date with Steve and book the session!

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