Completing Calgary's Ring Road

January 02, 2015 8:35 AM | Leann Hackman-Carty

City Administration is working with Alberta Transportation to complete Calgary’s ring road, with construction beginning on the southwest link in the next two years. To plan for a complete road network, the right connections between the ring road and city infrastructure is necessary. There are 11 locations where we are designing and, in many cases, constructing roads that will connect the ring road to southwest Calgary.

Some of the connections will be new – i.e: West Hills Way- west of the shopping mall on highway 8, while other projects will improve existing streets- i.e: widening Bow Trail

to mitigate congestion. Well-designed links to the ring road will provide a number of

benefits for you:

  • Faster and more efficient travel options
  • Improved traffic routing
  • Improved safety and access by putting the right traffic volumes onto the right roads
  • Reduced traffic impacts on nearby neighbourhoods

These improvements will give you more options to travel around Calgary. For more information on how The City is improving connections to the ring road, please visit and search “ring road” or visit for information

and the proposed plans for the ring road.

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