Hart Mansions

April 2014:

This project is on hold and the City of Calgary has not received any  development or building permit applications.

September  2013:


Update from  Brickburn Limited Partnership:

Hart Mansions: Preserving the Past, Enriching the Future- Since receiving approval for land-use re-designation in December of 2012 the Brickburn Limited Partnership and its consultants have been busy focussing our team in preparation for starting work on site. We have been seriously engaged in locating an estate custom builder to partner with as a joint venture partner. Many productive meetings have been held with a number of prospective builders to date with more planned. The Brickburn Limited Partnership is still committed to bringing a well-designed and thoughtful development into being on the Crandell-Hart House site. Efforts are under way to ensure the development respects the surrounding community and the Standards and Guidelines for the Conservation of Historical Places in Canada.The complete write up including pictures is in the pdf. below.

December 4, 2012:


City Council approves development around Hart House. For media coverage click here.




The Crandell-Hart House is a historical residence located in our community. Once owned by Stu Hart, it was home to his extensive family made world famous for their accomplishments in professional wrestling. While no longer under ownership of the Harts, the mansion continues to be referred to as the Hart House. The 5,600-square-foot home, sits on 2.17 acres of land and was built in 1902 by businessman Edward Crandell. It was converted into the Soldiers' Children's Home for Orphans in 1920 and then bought by Judge Henry Stuart Patterson from the Crandells. Sold to Stu Hart in 1951 for $25,000, the three story brick house has had many famous professional wrestlers as well as political and entertainment figures pass through its doors. In its Hart-owned state, it featured twenty-two rooms, four fireplaces, five chandeliers from Edmonton's historic McDonald Hotel, two porches, a view of downtown Calgary, and a coach house behind the main house. Members of the professional wrestling community around the world hold a great deal of appreciation and respect for the Hart House and the legacy it holds. (Source: www.wikipedia.org)

Over the years there have been a few attempts at redeveloping the property. At the CHPH AGM in January 2012, a presentation was made to the community association by the current developers (Chesapeake Uncommon Design) on a proposal they are hoping will be successful. Over the past few months, the developer has been consulting with the CHPH community association, the Hart family, and neighbors of the adjacent property in order to refine the design, and obtain buy in.

The proposal involves a Land-use amendment that is currently being reviewed by the City of Calgary. Currently the land is designated DC Z200, which allows for moderate density residential development around a central site that holds the Crandell-Hart House, a registered Historic Resource. The goal of the application is to allow for a collection of 7 single-family and 2 semi-detached homes to be developed on the site surrounding the Crandell-Hart House.  A Direct Control land-use is being sought for this site as a number of the issues surrounding the Crandall-Hart House Historic Resource need to be addressed in the land-use are not accommodated in any other existing land-use.


Please contact the Director of Expansion and Development if you have any questions at e-d@chph.ca


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