The Point in Patterson Heights

This development is being spearheaded by QuinnCorp Holdings Inc.

Land Use Bylaw 95Z2007 "Patterson Ridge" exists on the 60 acres west of Patterson Boulevard. It was approved for residential development by City Council in May 2010. Construction of the site will be implemented in Phases, commencing in Spring 2010 with Phase 1 lots being subdivided and serviced with utilities on the west side of the Patterson Grove.

In conjunction with the commencement of development of the site, QuinnCorp Holdings Inc. submitted a new Outline Plan Land Use Amendment application to the Planning Department that reorganized the development site.

It is anticipated that the new Outline Plan Land Use Amendment "The Point in Patterson Heights" will be processed by the Planning Department in early 2013, including a public notification to adjacent residents, a public open house as well as a Public Hearing at City Council. As of April 2013, 2 Single dwelling development permits have been submitted to  the Planning Department. These are the  first part of a row of show homes on Patterson Heights Grove SW. 

We will attempt to keep all residents informed as this process proceeds.

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