Permanent Closure of 10th & 11th Avenue access between Coach Hill & West Springs communities

When the community of Coach Hill was first built, it was on the City limits.  The 10th & 11th Avenue roads were acreage roads leading out from the community.  When West Springs sprouted, to avoid traffic using those roads as a rat-run to connect to Old Banff Coach Road, our community association worked with the City to close access on 10th Avenue at the Coach Hill Road end, and on 11th Avenue at the 73th Street end. 

The Coach Hill Cares Committee has worked tirelessly to ensure that the road closures stay in place, and also requested the park like setting on the 10th Avenue bike path at the Coach Hill Road side.  They have also worked to with the City on the recent change to the 11th Avenue closure which has now relocated from 73th Street to the Coach Ridge Road end due to the increase in development on the West Spring side of the road. 

We have been assured from the City that the increase in density coming to 11th Avenue West  Springs side, will not open up the route which is a relief to Coach Hill residents that live nearby. 


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